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"Baby, We're Ready" - Womb and Fertility Massage and Energy Healing

90 mins - $195

When we think of fertility massage we think of physical healing of the reproductive and endocrine system. We think of clearing the old to allow for the new. As a Naturopath I know physical healing also requires emotional releasing to achieve true optimal healing. We all hold child hood trauma in our nervous system, these stored emotions can present as physical conditions and symptoms within our bodies. 

While it is important to heal on the physical it is equally as important to heal on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, to open and balance our chakra system to achieve optimal health and wellbeing in the areas of health we wish to improve in.  

The womb is a place for so many stored emotions and trauma, both generational and within your personal growth in life. So it’s important for this to be cleared and renewed, both physically and emotional.

Our energetic fertility & womb massage not only focus on assisting you with your physical symptoms but also energetically assisting you to clear stored emotions while balancing your chakra system and releasing the trauma associated with your health concerns. This allows for a brand new beginning to be created.

A one-hour Naturopathic full body and womb massage will assist in relieving of any discomforts of the digestive system allowing of detoxification support, reproductive organ system support and liguments and muscular support for the nervous for all over balance, follow by a 30 minute energetic healing/ breathework session. This holistic spa treatment with leave you balanced, grounded and aligned assisting you on your healing journey.

The KORA experience assists in relieving many of the common causes of discomfort during pregnancy. All Botanical oils used are designed by our in house naturopath for preconception care support. Certified organic.

Claire holds the following certification in energy work:

Certificate in Certificate In Fertility/Womb Massage Therapy
Certificate In Subconscious Healing- Energy Therapies Association.
Certificate In Energetic Healing- Energy Therapies Association.
Certificate In Meta-Medicine- Quantum Physics Healing (EAWTC)

Certificate in Spinal Energetics- Dr Sarah Jane
Certificate in Trauma informed Breathe work (EAWTC)

"Energetic Mumma To Be" - Pregnancy Massage & Energetic Healing

90 mins | $195

The Women's Wellness Massage offers a range of benefits for women of all ages. It can help alleviate physical discomfort, such as muscle tension, headaches, and menstrual cramps. The soothing touch and rhythmic movements of the massage promote deep relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels. Additionally, this massage technique can improve circulation, enhance lymphatic flow, and boost overall energy levels.

Energy Healing Session

60 Minutes | $95

Energetic healing works on both a physical and energetic level by addressing imbalances or blockages in your body's energy fields that manifest into the physical as health symptoms. We are all energy beings.

A spiritual healing session will help clear and balance your chakras, and your energy fields. This can help promote healing and increase vitality on a physical level. On an energetic level, energetic work can improve the flow of vital energy throughout your body, which can help you feel more balanced and centered. I work with both our guides and spirit team to achieve downloads via clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, this allows us to know what your guides would like you to know and how I can optimise your healing session for you.

Certificate In Subconscious Healing- Energy Therapies Association.
Certificate In Energetic Healing- Energy Therapies Association.
Certificate In Meta-Medicine- Quantum Physics Healing (EAWTC)
Certificate in Breathe work (EAWTC)

Post Birth Trauma Energy Healing Support (In Person)

60 Minutes | $95

Childbirth is a profound journey that can sometimes deviate from our expectations, leading us down unforeseen paths. This divergence can result in physical and emotional distress post-birth, manifesting as deep-seated anxiety and fear, especially when contemplating the arrival of another child. Such experiences may leave many feeling disconnected from your sense of self.

Spinal Energetics is a transformative modality specifically designed to address these challenges. This gentle yet powerful approach assists in unwinding the deeply ingrained patterns that encapsulate trauma within our nervous system. It facilitates the release of both physical and emotional blockages, paving the way for individuals to embrace their next chapter of motherhood with renewed confidence, love, and gratitude.

By realigning and rejuvenating the body's energy flow, Spinal Energetics offers a path to holistic healing. This process not only nurtures the body's innate ability to heal itself but also restores a harmonious balance between the mind and body. The result is an empowered journey into motherhood, one that is embraced with a grounded sense of self and an open heart.

Talk therapy is a wonderful tool but if you are looking for true healing, true releasing and to build that trust up again that has been lost within yourself this is what spinal energetics offers.


"I am never not a new person after I walk out of Claire’s treatment room.

It doesn’t matter how stressed, anxious, tired or sore I am when I walk in I never fail to feel rested, reenergised and float on my way out.

This has been the best investment for my pregnancy."


"I received the "Baby it's Time" Labour Assitance Massage as a gift. It was everything and more. I was extremely well taken care of during my treatment. Claire was so professional, reassuring and grounding for me, just what I needed!

I highly recommend Beautiful Bellies to anyone. Thank you Claire for all you support."


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