Anti Stress Massage

30 MINS | $85

Tailored to be dedicated to the areas that hold the most stress. Relax and unwind with a back, shoulder, and neck massage.


Wellness Massage 

60 MINS | $145

90 MINS | $185

Our massage rituals combine the therapeutic effects of organic naturopathic essential oil blends which are steeped in a skin-nourishing infusion of pure botanical oils. Your skin will feel replenished, your soul soothed and your body rejuvenated.

This gentle flowing massage offers the gift of a nurturing touch as traditional Swedish techniques and movements safely support the release of stress, tension, and fatigue.


Deep Release

60 MINS | $165

90 MINS | $195

Profound massage treatment focused on decreasing pain and muscle tension. Using a specific blend of essential oils that work deep into the muscles, creates balance and strength throughout your whole body. For the partner-to-be, or any of our non-pregnant guests. If your body is needing some extra care, we highly recommend our deep-tissue massage experience.