Best Friends Forever

120 MINS | $530

Come with us and share a room with your bestie. Relax into experiencing the ultimate in tranquility, rejuvenation, and calm. Your spa journey begins with a soothing foot soak, wash, and scrub, setting the stage for the ultimate relaxation experience. Drift into bliss with a tailored full-body pregnancy massage that promises to ease the tensions of motherhood. The pampering continues with an organic facial, carefully crafted to balance and hydrate your skin, leaving it radiant and soft.

The finale of your luxurious spa experience is a warm, nourishing hair mask, that promotes the infusion of minerals for pregnancy. Applied with gentle massage techniques, this treatment soothes the scalp while deeply conditioning your hair, leaving it lustrous and silky.

This perfect package is ideal for mothers, daughters, and best friends looking to cherish their bond.


Babymoon for Two

120 MINS | $550

(120 minutes)

In your own private oasis, your treatments begin with a soothing foot bath. For the "mums to be"- you will fall into deep relaxation with a nurturing pregnancy massage followed by a botanical facial set to enhance your beautiful pregnancy glow! The treatment will finish with a nourishing hair masque soothed onto the scalp and gently massaged leaving you feeling hydrated and nourished.

For your friend/ partner Your experience begins with a deep relaxing back exfoliation, followed by a deep tissue or aromatherapy massage targeting your areas of tension. Then you will experience a petit facial leaving your face feeling clean and refreshed, finishing with an invigorating head and scalp massage, letting every worry float away and allowing you to feel deeply relaxed! Enjoy this journey together……


Escape Retreat for Two

120 MINS | $550

A beautiful two-hour spa treatment to share with your loved one.
A treatment suitable for couples, partners, pregnancy, best friends or if you want to treat someone special to you.

We begin your treatment with a relaxing foot soak followed by a full body tranquility massage and an organic facial to balance and hydrate your skin. Finishing with a warm nourishing hair mask, which will be gently massaged into the scalp.

The perfect package for anyone, partners, pregnant, mums and daughters and even best friends!


The Awakening Ritual

180 MINS | $420

Luxurious Mineral-Rich Full Body Scrub + KORA full body Massage + Customised Botanical Facial + Nurturing Head Massage + Nourish Foot & Hand Therapies

A seamless collection of six luxurious therapies inspired by Indigenous healing to revitalise the whole being. This blissful, restorative journey is fully customised to your needs for a profound sense of well-being, whilst it reconnects body, mind and soul.

(Not suited for Pregnancy)


Soul Renewal

120 MINS | $265

This holistic, opulent body and facial ritual delivers incredible skin radiance whilst it melts away stress, tension and fatigue. An acupressure full-body massage with healing essential and botanical oils soothes the nervous system, while our chakra energy balancing helps to release emotional blockages, invoking a deep sense of strength and peace. An illuminating facial, tailored to your exact skin’s needs, nourishes and revitalises on a cellular level, for dewy, radiant skin. You will be floating off the table.

(Not suitable for pregnancy)


Grounding Ritual 

150 MINS | $325

Back Exfoliation + Full Body Massage + Scalp Massage + Kora Facials Massage

Unwind and renew with this restorative full body ritual. After an invigorating exfoliation with warm botanical oils and Australian salts, we follow with a nurturing scalp massage allowing you to drift away, followed by a grounding full-body massage.

(Not suitable for pregnancy)


The Love Note - Pregnancy Spa Journey

120 MINS | $325

This deluxe spa treatment is the perfect escape for those who are feeling the strain of pregnancy and eagerly awaiting their new arrival.

Your journey to relaxation begins with a gentle botanical barefoot ritual bath, enriched with KORA naturopathic botanical pregnancy blends, designed to ease and refresh your feet. This is followed by a comprehensive full body pregnancy massage, aimed at deepening your relaxation and providing much-needed comfort.

Following this, a one hour full body pregnancy massage and half hour botanical OrganicSpa facial, specifically tailored to balance and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalised. The pampering continues with our signature foot massage using our exclusive KORA naturopathic botanical pregnancy balm, a blend renowned for its restorative properties.

The experience concludes with a botanical head and scalp ritual, designed to rejuvenate you completely, ensuring a harmonious balance of mind and body.

This comprehensive 2 hour package has been meticulously curated to provide an unparalleled experience of tranquility and rejuvenation, perfectly suited for the needs of expectant mothers.

We look forward to welcoming you and providing an oasis of serenity during this special time in your life.


Pregnancy Retreat 

150 MINS | $325

Discover a sanctuary of relaxation and nurturing, where we have meticulously designed a treatment package exclusively for you "Mumma To Be". This special offering comprises three elegantly orchestrated treatments, each seamlessly flowing into the next, to ensure a profoundly relaxing experience.

Your journey begins with a tranquil magnesium foot bath, infused with naturopathic formulated botanical aromas for a gentle exfoliation, setting the stage for relaxation. This is followed by an indulgent full-body pregnancy massage, masterfully performed to guide you into a state of deep serenity.
focusing in on soothing your tired feet with a luxurious OrganicSpa masque, enveloping your legs and feet in warmth, allowing you to relax and unwind further.

Next, you'll be treated to a bespoke botanical OrganicSpa facial, designed to deeply nourish and balance your skin, enhancing your natural, radiant pregnancy glow.

The finale of this exquisite experience is our signature foot massage.