Spinal Energetics Healing Session

in person | $95

online | $95

Spinal Energetics, Breathwork facilitator, Kundalini Activation, Reiki and Trauma Informed Coaching.

Spinal Energetics is a modality with a focus a person’s spine, nervous system and energetic field, to harness a person’s own innate wisdom to know and heal themselves.

This practice encompasses each of our aspects; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul: Woven together with our ancestry, experiences, stories, personality, and character.

Spinal Energetics harnesses the middle path to support balance and enhance wellbeing. We look to open and activate the central channel of energy through the midline of the body.

Through light yet powerful touch (and sometimes no touch), an organic and natural flow of movement and sound begins and progresses to shift, unwind, discover and release tension, resistance, and stories that may have been stored in the body.

Spinal Energetics is a practice of collaboration and co-creation between client and practitioner to cultivate and support a deep self-awareness, energy cultivation and intuition to find a flow of energy.

Spinal Energetics uses light/no touch contacts to help unwind and release tension/trauma and resistance that has formed in the body. Spinal energetics helps bring peace to the mind, body and soul, a natural precursor to optimum health and well-being.

My aim is to create a warm, calming, safe space where you feel comfortable to just be. A space where you can fully surrender, unwind, open and release all that your body needs to.


Infant and Toddler Spinal Flow Sessions

20 MINS | $49

At KORA Wellness, we specialise in Spinal Flow and Energetics for toddlers and babies, a revolutionary and gentle soft touch alignment technique designed to nurture the well-being of your youngest family members. Tailored specifically for infants and toddlers, our approach offers a series of benefits that support their growth, development, and overall health in the most formative years.

The Spinal Flow Technique is a hands-on healing modality that focuses on healing pain, illness and dis-ease by releasing spinal blockages caused by unresolved stress. Spinal Flow Practitioners are extensively trained in the nervous system and the seven Gateways of the spine to awaken the Spinal Flow and allow healing Life Force Energy to flow through each vertebrae and into every cell of the body. Blockages in the spine correlate with diseases of the internal organs, and spinal blockages represent an obstruction in the flow of information through the nervous system which prevents the body from maintaining homeostasis and regulating and repairing itself effectively. The Spinal Flow Technique releases these blockages, shifting unresolved stress and restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself.